Explore the wonders of grandpa's house

How well do you really know your grandpa?

About grandpa

Explore the wonders of grandpa’s house and unravel his secret through several obstacles.

The grandpa was always an unusual person and something that he hid in his house, you become curious, and you go to his home, but instead of getting acquainted, he starts to catch you, avoiding the traps of a grandpa and also independently studying the house and different locations.

In the A.I. grandpa’s game is …

  • Good 3D-graphics, optimized for mobile devices.
  • Good and quality mobile control
  • Full freedom of action.

Do whatever you want, have fun 🙂

Find the door keys Climb to different places Explore the grandpa secrets.

It’s intelligence at its finest.


The countdown has began for all A.I's to descend into to the world in 2030!!!